March 22, 2020

The Wisprian World - Book I: Tears of Alphega by W. N. Cleckler


Lure has rebelled against Alphega. In his rebellion, the gate to Agapia has been destroyed, causing pieces to fall down to Wispria. These pieces of agapate fall into the hands of Wisprians, allowing each to possess a special ability. These Wisprians must join with the fallen Archeon to stop Lure.

This book is a fantastic twist on the Creation story. You’ll better pick up on references if you know about this religion, but even if you don’t it’s still an amazing story. There’s plenty of action, adventure, magic, and mystical creatures like mermaids and unicorns.

This story takes place after God, known as Alphega, has created Earth, known as Wispria at this point in time, but before the creation of Adam and who humans are today. Wisprians are similar to humans, but there are different forms of these inhabitants, such as Reflections and Sprinters. The story is told in terms of scrolls, with each scroll basically being a separate chapter. The scrolls are written from the perspective of Alphega, so they’re written in first person, but have more of a third person feel since Alphega can see everything going on and give details of all perspectives. For the most part, Alphega just tells the story, of what is happening in each place and to each person, but He will occasionally interject to give His personal feelings on what is happening.

I absolutely loved the writing style! With the story being told by Alphega, there was so much detail put into everything. However, there wasn’t too much detail that it took away from the story. Everything that happens is adequately explained as well. It’s like reading a description of a movie scene. You’re also not left wondering about things, for example at one point a character borrows something from another character, and you’re not left wondering if it’s just implied that the character returns the item, instead it’s explained that the character returns the item, but explained in a way that flows with the story. 

At the end of each scroll/chapter, there is a picture of one of the scenes from that scroll/chapter. These pictures are mainly of characters, which magnificently gives you a face for the name. The details and descriptions of characters is already wonderfully done, but the pictures really allow you to envision the characters. 

Additionally, there is a map of Wispria included within the first few pages of the book, as well as a colored version on the back of the book. This made it super easy to follow along as the characters traveled. I would constantly flip back to the map to see where the particular scene is taking place. This especially helped since there are several main characters, who are in different locations, and each scroll would skip around to different characters’ perspectives. 

With the scrolls skipping between characters, it feels a bit confusing at first. The book is not told in a completely linear fashion, so each scroll is not necessarily in chronological order. It’s not hard to follow what is happening when though, and it becomes more clear as the stories line up.

What really makes this book five stars for me is all the emotions I felt while reading. The writing is so well done that I felt like I was there with each character, going through what they went, feeling what they felt, and feeling what Alphega felt. Without giving too much away in this spoiler-free section, the reason this first book is “Tears of Alphega” is that when the characters suffer a loss, Alphega is sad with them and drops a tear onto them. I cried during some of these moments, feeling the characters’ pain and Alphega’s sorrow. 

There are supposed to be three books in “The Wisprian World” series, with the next book scheduled to be released this summer!


Even if you don’t know the Creation story from the Bible, or if you’re not religious, I think this story is great. However, by knowing the Creation story and having some religious knowledge, I was able to pick up on the references. God is known as Alpha and Omega, meaning the beginning and the end, which when put together makes Alphega, the name of God in this story. Additionally, God’s love is known as agape, meaning a universal, unconditional love, which inspired the stone agapate in the story. Lure is also a version of Lucifer, and I’m assuming is named as such since he “lures” people towards him.

Throughout the story there are some not as obvious connections to religion. One that I didn’t pick up on at first was that after Animus’ family died and he burned their bodies, Alphega explains that He will remember the family turned to dust and will one day use that dust to start again. I think this is referring to Adam, the first human, who was created by God from dust of the Earth. Also, I suspect that Pales’ garden may be the Garden of Eden.

Speaking of Animus, his loss hit me the hardest. Each loss that was suffered was terribly sad, but I really felt Animus’ pain. He was conflicted about going to help fight or stay with his family. You can feel his regret at not choosing to stay. But you also know that if he stayed it wouldn’t have changed anything, instead he would have died too. Other characters lost parents and a brother, which is sad, but losing children is absolutely heartbreaking. I’m glad that Oze survived with Animus, so he won’t fully be alone. I also think that Animus really showcases how you can still hold your faith even when the worst happens.

On another note, I knew that something seemed off with Reverie, but I wasn’t expecting her to actually be bad. This was the biggest shock to me. From the beginning she seemed to be hiding something. I thought that she just was selfish, and maybe skeptical of joining the group, but I was completely surprised that she was actually an Archeskotos and betrayed the group.

At the end of the book, Telle reveals that Duolos is the seventh and final person to receive a tear, but hasn’t yet. It’s mentioned that her father is the king of Lithosis, so I’m wondering if that’s who she will lose, unless there’s someone else not mentioned yet. The powers of the tears have also not been revealed yet, so I can’t wait to see how they come in to play.

Favorite Quotes

“The beings and places mentioned here have been removed from the course of time. This book tells of before the Beginning and of before Adam. It tells of the old Earth, a world that was whispered - The Wisprian World.”

“I could do nothing. For, in my power, I tied My own hands, so that I would not interfere when bidden to by My compassion. I had to find out if, when given freedom to make choices, the goodness of My creation would overcome the wickedness.”

“Before long, no creature will need proof of Alphega’s existence, because they will come face to face with Alphega’s enemy, Lure.”

“Reflections were a group of beings that were created to resemble Me in appearance. They were a Reflection of My image. They were in essence like those inhabitants of the world to come, Humans - except they didn’t have the Breath, the Breath that gives Humans an immortal soul. If a Reflection or any other creature of the Wisprian World were to die, that was their end. Unlike Humans, who do have the Breath and do exist after death, whether in bliss or despair - according to the choices of their free will.”

“My perfect will was for none of My creation in Agapia or Wispria to ever perish. But My perfect will was also for liberty. I gave My creation freedom to choose their path. Unfortunately, most were not like Animus. From the beginning, Reflection and all of the other creatures of the Wisprian World sought a selfish path - this led to destruction. Likewise, in Agapia, this selfishness was fully exemplified in Lure’s rebellion. Witnessing Animus in such pain made Me wish that I had not tied my hands, and I vowed that when this first war was over, I would never tie them again.”

“Alphega forgets no one and no thing. And what the believers understand is that they can experience the blessings of Alphega in this world.”

“For My love is for all My creation, great and small, weak and strong, intelligent and simple.”

“For all it takes is the smallest light to penetrate the darkness, but when there is no light, the darkness is all-consuming.”

“Do not view yourself with too much importance, because that is itself another evil altogether, and one much more insidious. After all, Lure’s inflated self-worth is how this entire war began.”

March 1, 2020

Pernicious - True Evil by Angelika Koch


Astra has noticed some shadows seemingly following and watching her. She might just be seeing things due to her recent loss. Until two shadows in the forms of monsters attack her. She then wakes up on a strange planet. Another monster, similar to the first ones, informs her that she was brought here to destroy the human race.

My only critique is that there is a bit of an overuse of the pronouns of characters, which makes it hard to follow along. Most of the time I understand that “she” refers to Astra, but farther into the book there are several males, so I get confused who is being talked about.

However, I think that the characters and the world of Pannotia are cleverly created. I loved learning about the creatures and plants that live in this world. It’s completely unique, and also creepy, that the plants and even the ground seem to be alive. I think that I’d have an even harder time than Astra to eat what the planet offers.

There is so much detail put into each character and each aspect of the planet. But not too much that it loses you or takes away from the story. There is still so much to learn about each character.

This books ends on a cliffhanger, with the assumption that there will be another one. I wish that this book was longer, but I’m sure the stopping point is within reason for what comes next. We can finally start to understand some characters, and start to see the connection of the characters in the prologue to the main characters.

This was a real page-turner. I found myself constantly needing to know what happens next. I will eagerly be waiting for the next book to see how the story continues!

As a note or warning, there is some strong language used throughout. There is also mentions of drug addiction, rape, and suicide, which even though is not explained in full, lengthy detail, could still be hard for some readers.


The story begins with a prologue that introduces characters from the demon world. There is still a lot of mystery from this scene that is not explained yet in this book. We don’t know yet what Lamia did that Cadoc found out about and is after her for. I am assuming it has to do with helping Astra since we find out that Lamia’s love is Vojin, who is the friendly demon trying to help Astra once she is on Pannotia. We also don’t know what exactly Zephyra did to Lamia to save her. We do however find out that towards the end of the book that Zephyra must not be bad since she helps to have Sagan brought back to life for Astra.

Another mystery is the death of Astra’s mom. The book only provides small details, that she died and Astra blames herself. We don’t know how her mom died or Astra’s part in the death that could make it her fault. Towards the end, Astra does have a dream or vision about her mom, though, which allows her to have some closure and know that her mom doesn’t blame her.

I am a bit confused when it comes to Sagan and Alek. We know that they were friends on earth which is how they got stuck on Pannotia together. I kept wondering how old they are and exactly how long they’ve been on Pannotia. They were teenagers when they got transported to Pannotia, and they said they’ve been there for a few years, but time is different on Pannotia so a few years for them could be very different compared to earth. They each do have very unique personalities and character development. We learn a lot about Sagan, how he was addicted to drugs and his sister committed suicide because she was raped, but I feel like there is still more that needs explaining for him. Alek on the other hand seemed really nice to start, but then he would go back and forth between being nice and being a jerk, until he tried to rape Astra. I think that both Sagan and Alek show how much a person can change when left in a situation. Sagan has physical changes, while Alek has behavioral changes. As much as I didn’t like Alek, I still feel bad that he died at the end.

We learn that there is a connection between Vojin and the characters in the prologue, but we really don’t know much about him. He is still a complete mystery. There’s no telling how much he can be trusted.

The ending felt really abrupt with fighting Prosperine, bringing Sagan back to life, and Vojin finding Astra. I was surprised to come to the end when there’s so much left. I look forward to seeing what comes next for Astra’s adventure.

Favorite Quotes

“Your species is a virus and you are the antibody fated to save both worlds.”

“Just because you were taught something, doesn’t make it true. You have to question the information that you are fed.”

“Because humans on earth would kill anything that they are not comfortable looking at or being around, no matter the innocence.”

“Just do what I do and empty your mind. Pretend like your reality is nothing more than a dream because maybe if you are lucky, one day it will be just a memory of a tough time you survived.”

“No longer did she fear death or pain but instead the deep primal urge to watch the demon’s blood seep onto the snowy ground was far greater than any urge she ever felt before.”

The Shadows by Alex North

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Two teenagers committed a murder, then went to sleep, believing they’d disappear. One of them did. Now, 25 years later...